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            Hello, welcome to the official website of Jieao Building Materials Co., LTD!
            National Toll-free service hotline
            High performance hardware precision metal parts
            Creat the safest fire protection hardware system in China
            Let Jieao become a synonym of safety and fire hardware system
            China's fire and construction departments of the most complete testing procedures, the most patents, the most extensive practical application, the most experienced fire window manufacturing enterprises
            National Toll-free service hotline
            The main products
            Main products
            -Fire shutter-
            Easy to install, no opening, no maintenance, so that the window sash in daily life at any point stop, support, not only convenient and safe, and make the window sash in the fire or temperature ≥64℃ automatically locked.
            -Fire hinge-
            304 stainless steel material, high load bearing, easy to install, no opening, no maintenance, with temperature sensing positioning device.
            -Fire lock system-
            Both excellent fire performance, and in line with the national daily life of the window air tightness, watertightness, sound insulation, energy conservation and other indicators.
            Our strengths
            Our advantages
            • Fireproof hardware system
            • Fire shutter series
            • Fire hinge series
            • Automatic fire lock
            • Lock series
            • Fire single product series
            • Series of hand
            • Jieao MPY ...
              Jieao MPY ...
              Jieao MPY ...
            • Jieao MPH ...
              Jieao MPH ...
              Jieao MPH ...
            Product categories
            Product category
            About Precision Hardware
            Jieao Building Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and invested in research and development of safety and fire hardware in 2014. In 2015, the first generation of Jieao fire hardware came out, and it has been six years since then. Through the six years of practical experience, in 2020 Jieao will fully launch the third generation of safety fireproof hardware system, covering aluminum alloy, plastic steel, steel fireproof Windows with flat inside open, flat outside open, hanging Windows, hanging inside open down and other fireproof hardware systems. And through the six years, Jieao has become a first-line brand in the fire hardware industry, and the domestic top 100 real estate cooperation rate as high as more than 60%. In the next three years, Jieao will continue to stand on the basis of fire safety, convenience and durability, research and development and expansion of the use of fire hardware. Jieao brand in the fire prevention, fire-resistant window hardware industry, make a leading brand style, firmly rooted in the field of fire prevention. Jieao pursues the business philosophy of "quality wins, sincere hospitality, reputation first, customer first", takes the strength as the base point, the technology as the backing, the service as the guarantee, devotes to the fireproof, fireproof window with the fireproof hardware system unceasing innovation, sticks to the construction safety, the humanized development. Jieao is sensitive to the rapid changes and the impulse of innovation, adhering to the principle of heart, the supreme design concept, always to produce high quality safety fireproof, fire-resistant doors and Windows hardware and ingenious. For any wise, committed to the safety of fire, fire doors and Windows business enterprises and designers, JieAO will be responsible, reliable best partner!
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